If you’re looking to sell your used vehicle, it’s safe to assume you’d like the most cash for your car. However, very few people are aware of how to do so. It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you begin your selling process. Private Westfield cash for cars sales take more effort and caution, but will get you more for your vehicle. Below are some tips on how to get the best return on your used car and how to avoid being ripped off.

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Westfield Cash for Cars

Do Your Homework First:

Before you reach out to any buyers, you have to do your research. Never put your trust in a Westfield cash for cars buyer offer without knowing the value of your vehicle. So, the first step is to educate yourself on the trade in and sale value of your used vehicle.

Get onto Kelly Blue Book to find out what your cars price range is. Depending on the value of your car it might be a good idea to invest in some mechanical work. In general, mechanical work raises the worth of your car beyond the labor expense. Read comments from consumers to see the common issues that your car experiences. Look on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to see what your car is selling for in your area.

If you begin negotiation with a dealership or private buyer without knowing the value of your vehicle you lose money on the sale. The more you know about the state and quality of your car, the better your negotiation tactics. No matter what you want to get for your used car you have to price it higher. But, if the price is out of a reasonable range it dissuades potential buyers. Determine the value of your car by researching and doing your homework before the negotiation.

Watch Out for Cash for Cars Scammers:

Trading your car at a dealership is convenient, but you will not get the most cash for your car. Private Westfield cash for cars sales are a better option to maximize your sale price, but may require work if you don’t know a good buyer. Another problem to look out for when selling a used car privately is car buying scams.

Most scams you run into when selling your used car are from online car buyers. One of the most common car buyer scams is for a fake buyer to trick you into laundering dirty money through your bank account. The scammer makes a high offer on your car and agrees to mail you a check. The check also includes money to pay the person who delivers the car to the buyer. The check usually includes thousands of extra dollars to “pay” for the delivery. The end result is that you scrub thousands of dirty-dollars through your bank account for a criminal organization. So, beware of online buying scams.

Interior and Exterior Detail:

When you get to the point at which a possible buyer is looking at your car, make sure it looks good. There is nothing that lowers buyers price-point more than a filthy car. This means taking a few hours to detail the interior and exterior of your car. Start by simply cleaning out the car and vacuuming up the filth. Dust particles accumulate inside a car and negatively affects the air quality. After you vacuum, wipe down all of the cars interior surfaces with an antibacterial cloth. Washing the seats and carpets makes a huge difference to buyers. Be sure to test a small portion of the upholstery first, to be sure that it won’t get watermarks. When the buyer looks at your car, it should look, smell, and feel as though it is professionally maintained.

Give the outside of your car a thorough wash and shine. Use a touch-up paint pen to cover scratches to the body of the car. Clear any loose or hanging material that is hanging from the chassis. Use a steel wool brush to scrape away caked dirt and grime from the wheel rims. If the seats of your car are stained beyond repair, get seat covers. If the floor mats are old and ragged, get new ones.

If the value of your car mandates professional detailing, it will cost between $50 to $200. So, the more detailing work you can DIY, the more money in your pocket from the sale.

Private Car Sales:

Dealerships are not where you will get the most for selling a used car. Private car sales are 15-20% more profitable for sellers. If your car does not qualify for a certified pre-owned program that figure lowers to around 10%.

If you are selling a used car that is over seven years old, or over 100,000 miles the only place to get any real money is a private sale. Dealerships don’t make much money on older used cars, so they ship it off to a wholesaler. But a direct sale to a private buyer yields more profit than a dealership can make.

Private sellers have a wide range of options to advertise their car. A good first step is to stick a “For Sale” sign in the front window. Next, get online and hit up your social media community. The biggest asset is your immediate and extended friends group. After you let your extended community know that you have a car for sale, list it on Craigslist, AutoTrader, eBay Motors, and Facebook Marketplace.

Finding cash for cars buyers in Westfield is as simple as setting up a sales listing. Do not, however, negotiate the purchase price with online communication. The only way to negotiate for a sales price with a private buyer is in person. Legitimate buyers want to see the car before making an offer, anyway.

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